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Adults Fundamentals

Who can attend this class? 

Everyone is welcome, more experienced students will help the less experienced students to understand and learn more about BJJ.

If you're starting BJJ now or coming back to BJJ after a long break and want to sharpen the core skills, this program is for you.

Why is this a great place to start?:

  • Go at your own pace, in this program you will have improvements in your strength, balance and overall conditioning

  • It's designed to accommodate people with no martial arts or sports background

  • In this program we approach fundamental skills in BJJ, you will learn basic techniques and what to do from every core position

  • Prepare your mind and body to more complex techniques and movements in our intermediate program.

We highly recommend white belts to attend these classes until they achieve 1-2 stripes at least.

Interested in starting BJJ? Want to know more about this program? 
Talk to our coaches at the Academy or e-mail us for more information, we're always happy to answer your questions!

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