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Tegan's BJJ passion comes from deep seeded love and respect for the sport and martial arts from a young age. She strongly believes that the challenges faced every day and every week on the mats can be applied and utilised in real life situations.

She loves the complexity of the sport and how you are able to push yourself and progress every day becoming better in Jiu Jitsu, better in life and a better person overall in every way.

She started Jiu Jitsu a little later in life, but has a background in Muay Thai Kickboxing and has within the Fitness Industry for over 15 years and has spent most of her career as an Educator, Training Coordinator and eLearning designer. Always within the realms of teaching in some capacity.


Tegan is an active Athlete and competes at an International level, she has a an extensive competition record, has competed at World Championship, Pan American Championship, and Pan Pacific Championships.

Her most prestigious achievements are:

White to Blue belt - 51 Medals won

Purple Belt

Australian Champion NoGi 2016

Australian Champion - Open weight 2016

Silver Medal Gi - weight division – National Championships 2016

Silver Medal Gi – Open weight division – National Championships 2016

National Championship Gi 2017

Silver Medal Gi - Open weight division - National Championships 2017

Tegan was awarded by the Australian Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (AFBJJ)
No 1 Purple Belt in NoGi 2016; and

Also awarded from Queensland Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Circuit (QBJJC)

No 1 Purple Belt NoGi 2016; and

No 3 Purple Belt Gi 2016.

Brown Belt


Pan American competitor

World Championship Competitor 2018 and 2019

Boa Super 8 Challenger against Livia Gluchowska

World Masters Championship Bronze Medalist 2019

Black Belt


Pan Pacific NoGi Open Weight Champion 2019

Pan Pacific NoGi Weight division Silver Medalist 2019

Pan Pacific Gi Weight division Silver Medalist 2019

State Championship NoGi Weight division Champion 2020

State Championship NoGi Open Weight Silver Medalist 2020

State Championship Gi Weight division Silver Medalist 2020

State Championship Gi Open Weight Silver Medalist 2020

Tegan's Purpose:

"I have learned so much about myself through my Jiu-Jitsu journey. I have always been a very driven person and like to set goals to smash, but BJJ teaches you an abundance of skills that flow over from the mats into your life. Just a few to mention are, patience, persistence, focus, determination, failure, success and confidence, both in yourself and in your abilities. This gives me a greater passion to help others find this power within themselves.

Knowing the life lessons BJJ teaches you along the way and knowing the intrigue and challenge of it makes BJJ a very special art indeed. This is why I believe Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone as it has endless layers and elements that will keep you entertained for a lifetime, both mentally and physically.  My purpose is sharing Jiu-Jitsu with as many people as I possibly can".

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Coach Tegan/tiggy

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