What does it mean to me to be a coach?


As an assistant coach I can help the kids, and other students, get a better understanding of the fundamental techniques of Jiu-Jitsu taught in the One Purpose curriculum. I aim to encourage others to focus on the details and foster a love of training.


Why do I enjoy it?


Being part of a team of coaches and students who are all striving to improve keeps me motivated. Seeing people that I've taught implement my advice and give me feedback is very rewarding.

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What does it mean to me to be a coach?


I believe that it is a higher level of responsibility. It means your are no longer just focusing on your own journey, but how you can use your experience to help and inspire others.


Why do I enjoy it?


I enjoy it because it because seeing others share your passion and knowing that you're contributing to that joy that they experience is a nice feeling. I also enjoy it because it gives me the opportunity to better understand my own Jiu-Jitsu. It makes me want to further my own training so that I can have more to offer those that need it or want it.




What does it mean to be a coach and why do I enjoy it?


Being a good BJJ coach is a complicated thing, it requires the development of many skills and qualities including patience, fairness, approachability, communication, and technical proficiency to name a few. 


Importantly however, it necessitates the management of several dichotomies. For example, creating safe and comfortable learning environments must be balanced with pushing students to “dig deep” and set new performance standards for themselves. Additionally, treating everyone with fairness and equality must be balanced with giving personalised feedback; some students may need more attention than others. Moreover, coaches need to comprehensively understand the technical content of what they teach but this must be balanced with the humility to acknowledge their own limitations and seek answers to questions they can’t address.


I enjoy coaching immensely. Not only is it rewarding to help kids develop their skills and confidence, but they have taught me so much in return.




What does it mean to me to be a coach?


Being a coach is an opportunity for a person to give back with providing the knowledge and wisdom they have gathered with their experience in the game, inspiring the new, young or old that they have the ability to achieve greatness. Being a Coach is a privilege and an honor, it is a position of power only to be used to help others and unlock the potential that they possess.


Why do I enjoy it?


Coaching is a little passing of the torch day by day and doing it feels good. It feels good helping another person, it doesn't take much and any small amount of help can make a huge positive change for that person and that is good for everybody. Being a Coach is not easy, it is a huge responsibility because the kids and adults may look up to you and it's your responsibility to show them that they are in good hands by being a good role model, by being a good person and even beyond that.