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Kids 4-6 years and Kids 7-9 years

Kids at a young age have a very literal understanding of most things.

This is why our program is developed to teach them in a simple, directive and fun way.

Classes start with specific movements to warm up, practice of BJJ techniques, weekly technical specific training and fun games as a reward when they have been well behaved. Introducing our kids to sport is one of the greatest gifts a parent can grant their child. Skills and motor abilities that are learned at a younger age are never lost or forgotten, they will be carried through to their adult lives

Our aims and objectives for our classes:

Physical goals - They will learn basic skills that will develop their strength, balance, flexibility and mobility.

Mind and Cognitive goals - The cognitive goals are directly related to our unique grading system that grants them coloured stripes once coaches identify development in these areas...




Green Stripe-persistence
Yellow stripe-focus
Blue stripe-team work
Red stripe-leadership

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