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Kids 10-13 years

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is considered the most efficient martial art for self defense as the techniques utilise leverage and a smaller opponent is able to dominate a bigger opponent.

We don`t enforce the use of BJJ in any circumstances out of class or in a competition environment, but it empowers kids with confidence to deal with bullies in a non traumatic way.

Introducing our kids to sport is one of the greatest gifts a parent can grant their child. Skills and motor abilities that are learned at a younger age are never lost or forgotten, they will be carried through to their adult lives.


Our head coach started training BJJ at 9 years old and there`s no one better than him to tell you more about how BJJ changed his life from a young age.


Our aims and objectives for our classes:
Mind and Cognitive goals - The cognitive goals are directly related to our unique grading system that grants them coloured stripes once coaches identify development in these areas...

Green Stripe-persistence

Yellow stripe-focus

Blue stripe-teamwork

Red stripe-leadership

There is also a strong focus for kids on discipline, respect for themselves and others, and confidence.

Physical goals - Kids in this group will learn simple movements and concepts progressing to more complex BJJ specific techniques, our classes will develop their strength, balance, flexibility and mobility.


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