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private classes

Who can book a private class?
Anyone can book a private class, no matter your

skill level our coaches focus on techniques and

movements that will help you develop faster and

achieve your goals.

What are the benefits of a private with your coach?:

  • Boost your BJJ skills and develop faster

  • Flexible times allow you to train more

  • 100% focused on you

  • Ask any questions and work on your needs

  • Don't know where to start ? It's okay our coaches are trained to help you no matter where you're in your journey

Private classes are all about optimising and personalising your BJJ, so we recommend all students to let us know about your goals when booking in a private.

Follow these examples:

  1. Want to learn the basics in a one on one environment? Your coach will show you the way.

  2. Already posses all basic skills and want to learn new techniques? Can`t wait Professor to show them in class? Your coach will unlock that door for you.

  3. Want to compete? Your coach can guide you to develop a game plan and strategy to achieve your personal goals.

Have any questions about Private Classes ?

Enquire at the Academy or contact us for more information.

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