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Professor Bob


Roberto Dib Frias is the Professor/Head Coach of One Purpose Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  
He has been training Jiu Jitsu for over 20 years and is a multi-champion in both International and National competitions.  

He is a Black belt under the Professor Marco Antonio Barbosa, leader of Barbosa (B9 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) who is known worldwide for his teaching methodology and his competition record in Judo and BJJ.

Professor Bob has great passion for developing Jiu Jitsu, he has a degree in Physical Education from a very reputable University in Brazil, where he attained the deep knowledge of teaching methodologies for children and adults.  

This makes our Professor very unique as he understands that everyone learns differently, so he is very detailed when explaining complex positions and transitions and helps everyone to understand.



Roberto is an active Athlete and competes at an International level, he has a an extensive competition record, has competed at World Championship, Pan American Championship, South American Championship, Pan Pacific Championship.


His most prestigious achievements as a black belt are:

Worlds medalist CBJJE 2015
Brazilian championship medalist CBJJE 2015
Aus Sub Only Champion winning after a 77 minutes match 2018
Boa Super 8 Qualifier Series Champion 2018
3x Pan Pacific IBJJF Champion 2016/2017/2018
2x Australian Champion 2017/2018
Melbourne Open IBJJF 4 Gold 2017
Sydney Open IBJJF 4 Gold 2019


Roberto was awarded by the Australian Federation of brazilian jiu-jitsu (AFBJJ)
No 1 Black Belt in Gi and NoGi 2016,
No 1 Black Belt in Gi 2017,


Bob's Purpose:

"I have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since a young age and I feels blessed for the opportunity that was once given to me. I had great coaches and mentors to guide me through my life, BJJ taught me more than just how to defend myself and be an athlete but also how to have hope when times are hard, and that helps me a lot to face the challenges of life. 

I believe BJJ can do the same for every person as I have seen it happening to my students, people start bjj for fitness or self defense and when they notice they have developed confidence, fitness and skills that hey would have never imagined when
they started their journey.

Teaching BJJ is more than just my work and passion but also my mission in life is to guide and advice people through BJJ, I believe passing on the knowledge is a blessing and I want to help people grow through this amazing art".


Tel: 0450 137 031 or 0419 765 951 

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