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Can I come in for a trial?
You are most welcome to come in for a trial anytime. Any of the yellow classes are ideal for beginners. Please have a look at the timetable and let us know which day suits you best. We ask if you can please come in approx.
15-20 mins before class so we can introduce ourselves and let you know how the class is run and what to expect, you will have a better experience and introduction to BJJ.

What level of fitness is required?

You can develop at your own pace, you can start at any fitness level and you will have improvements in your strength, balance and overall conditioning in our fundamentals program.

What if I have never done any martial arts before?

Our fundamentals program is designed to accommodate people with zero or basic knowledge of BJJ and it will build a strong foundation for you with consistent training. It is developed with conceptual methodology and sequential positions for you to understand the flow of what would happen in a normal BJJ roll/spar.


Where can I find the timetable?

Click here

Please let us know when you would like to do a trial (date, time) and if you can please come in approx., 10-15 mins before the class so we can help you get ready.

What clothes do I wear?

Workout/comfortable clothes, shirt and shorts or tights. If it is the NoGi class please avoid zippers on shorts and tights (they can hurt you and your training partner).

We can lend you a Gi and belt for your trial (for the Gi class), we also sell Gi's, belts and rashies at our academy, however you are welcome to source them anywhere you like. We don't have any restrictions.

Slip on shoes are the best option, so you can leave them on the side of the mats before you step on. Shoes must be worn when walking around off the mats, especially in the bathrooms. This is very important for hygiene on the mats.

Can white belts attend all morning classes (all yellow coded classes)?

Yes you can, all yellow coded classes are ideal for beginners. We recommend at least 1 stripe on the white belt before attending the Intermediate classes and Open Mats, but we assess on a case by case basis.

Do I have to purchase your Academy's GI or can I start with my old ones?

No, you are most welcome to wear your Gi, we don't have any restrictions, any colour is also fine.

We do have Gi's for sale at our Academy, however you are welcome to source one from anywhere aswell.

We also have One Purpose BJJ patches if you would like to put one on your own Gi eventually too. :o)

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